Convenience Bag MOCA (M)
Convenience Bag MOCA (M)
Convenience Bag MOCA (M)
Convenience Bag MOCA (M)
Convenience Bag MOCA (M)
Convenience Bag MOCA (M)
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Convenience Bag MOCA (M)

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"Always get it, it's natural to throw it away", but it's a very versatile and thankful existence.
About a year ago, many people must have felt that way about convenience store bags.
If convenience store bags were important partners...
I expressed the message that I don't want to say to my important partner as the voice of a convenience store bag.
There are 6 types of message prints. With the cooperation of multiple designers, we have prepared a variety of designs.
This M size is a good size feeling that you can rest assured even when your luggage increases.
The material used is a fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottle polyester "Uni Ecolo?". It has excellent water and water repellency.
The fabric of the inner pocket is the African fabric "Kitenge". When folded and stored, the vivid African fabrics reveal their faces, making it easy to take them with you wherever you go.
For yourself, for someone, please find a special partner.
*When you purchase one bag,NPO CLOUDY Seven school meals will be delivered to children in Africa through

*The pattern of the pocket part may differ from the sample product depending on how the cloth is cut. We ask for your understanding in advance.
本体:ポリエステル100% ポケット:綿100%
サイズ 高さ マチ ポケット幅 ポケット高さ
M 38cm 63cm 13.5cm 13.5cm 16cm