Park T-shirts Front C Print Half Sleeve WHITE
Park T-shirts Front C Print Half Sleeve WHITE
Park T-shirts Front C Print Half Sleeve WHITE
Park T-shirts Front C Print Half Sleeve WHITE
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Park T-shirts Front C Print Half Sleeve WHITE

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The CLOUDY College logo, which has been well received by customers, is now embroidered on the left chest. In the letters, we used Ghana's local fabric "Kitenge".
This T-shirt, which is easy to match with any style, was made with the desire to have more people wear African fabrics.

One of the most important words for CLOUDY. The message is "Color doesn't matter, color has no level, all colors are beautiful".

Conventional cotton products have the color of cotton, so a large amount of water is used when bleaching and dyeing. As a result, sewage is generated, and rivers and seas are polluted, which is one of the major environmental problems. Anhydrous dyeing was made by recycling without using water to reduce this problem.
The scraps and leftover fabrics that have been discarded at sewing factories are collected, sorted by color, cut into different colors, turned into cotton, and spun into yarn. Since the yarn is originally colored fiber, there is no dyeing process, and the generation of sewage can be prevented. It is an environmentally friendly material that reduces waste and does not use water. We do not recommend using a dryer or heavy washing as it will become fuzzy. The fabric with a slub feel has an uneven surface and has a texture. In rare cases, other colors may appear on the fabric, but we hope you will enjoy it as a texture. WHITE is relatively easier to get a texture than BLACK.

* 10% of the sales of this item will beNPO CLOUDY Through this, the funds will be returned to the construction costs of a park where children and families can create memories in Ghana, Africa.
ポリエステル:62% 綿:33% レーヨン:5%
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