Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY
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Eco Fur Tote Bag (Small) L .GRAY

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The fur bag series, which is a popular item in CLOUDY's AW collection, is now available with longer fur and more voluminous fur. In addition, you can enjoy the fluffy texture.
Kitenge, a bright African fabric, is used on the inside. Every time you open it, you can see the gorgeous colors that will cheer you up. It also has an inner pocket for convenient storage.
The cologne and rounded form can be enjoyed as a warm focal point in the cold winter.

The charm using eco-leather and African fabric for the inner cloth is also a point. The texture of the leather has changed from last year's charm, and it has become a matte type.

《Regarding the appearance of the pattern》
Depending on how the cloth is cut, the pattern may differ from the sample product. We ask for your understanding in advance.

《What is Kitenge? 》
Ghanaian traditional African fabric. This fabric, which is loved by the people, is widely used in ceremonies as folk costumes, and their claims and expressions are condensed into the design.

* 10% of the sales of this item will beNPO CLOUDYThrough this, the funds will be returned to the construction costs of a park where children and families can create memories in Ghana, Africa.
*The image used for the model is an image. This product will be the color of the first photo.
female model 165cm
本体:表地ポリエステル100%、裏地綿100%、タグ:表地 合成皮革、裏地 綿100%
サイズ 横幅 高さ マチ
S 13.5cm 13.5cm 12cm