Pouch Small 750
Pouch Small 750

Pouch Small 750

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This pouch is handmade by an African mother and uses African fabric.

The brightly colored pouches are a convenient size to carry around.

It will be a colorful accent in your bag.

It also has an inner pocket, and it also has functionality on the storage side.

The beads attached to the zipper pull are made from recycled glass bottles collected in Ghana. Each pattern is different and no two are the same.

There are two types of pouches, S size and L size.
*If you purchase one pouch, 10% of the sales will beNPO CLOUDYThrough these activities, the funds will be returned to the costs of employment support activities, mainly for African women and people with disabilities.

《Regarding the appearance of the pattern》

Each product is handcrafted by mothers in Africa. Therefore, the pattern may differ from the sample product depending on how the cloth is cut. We ask for your understanding in advance.
ボディ:綿100% / ファスナー:再生PET / ビーズ:リサイクルガラス
サイズ 横幅 高さ マチ
S 12cm 9cm 5cm