Kitenge Tube Bag 094
Kitenge Tube Bag 094

Kitenge Tube Bag 094

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CLOUDY's classic TUBE BAG is made from colorful African fabric.
It features a one-handle handle that makes it easy to hold and has a rounded shape. Contrary to its appearance, it has a high storage capacity, and it is a size that can hold tumblers and A4 files. It also has a convenient inner pocket. Not only can it be used as a main bag, but it can also be stored compactly when folded, so it is recommended to use it as a secondary bag.

The fabric is Ghana's traditional African fabric "Kitenge". This fabric, which is loved by the people, is widely used in ceremonies as folk costumes, and their claims and expressions are condensed into the design.
Please enjoy the rich pattern variations.

*If you purchase one bag, 10% of the sales will beNPO CLOUDY Through these activities, the funds will be returned to the costs of employment support activities, mainly for African women and people with disabilities.

《Regarding the appearance of the pattern》 As each product is handmade, the pattern may differ from the sample product depending on how the cloth is cut. In addition, due to the nature of handmade, there may be errors in the size and the listed size. We ask for your understanding in advance.
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