Textile panel (A2) Salon
Textile panel (A2) Salon
Textile panel (A2) Salon
Textile panel (A2) Salon
Textile panel (A2) Salon
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Textile panel (A2) Salon

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A fabric panel printed with original textiles drawn by CLOUDY designers from Ghana, Africa.
You can easily hang it on the wall or place it on a table, making it perfect for when you want to change the atmosphere of your room.
Also, each textile has a different meaning, so we recommend gifting it with that meaning and your thoughts.

Textile name: SALONE
Designer: PHILIP

A single thread is easily broken, and a person is weak when left alone. Strings become stronger when they are tied together, and people become stronger when they come together. I want you to work together with your friends to reach a single goal and gain the strength to make your big dreams come true. This is a textile design that incorporates these thoughts.

*Due to the large size of this product, gift wrapping is not possible. Please note.
*If you purchase this product, you will receive 10% of the sales.NPO CLOUDY The proceeds will be donated to school lunch support activities in Ghana, Africa.
サイズ 横幅 高さ
ONE SIZE 59.4cm 42cm