【Collaboration Products】 Ochanomizu University Senior High School​ x CLOUDY


From 16Oct(Sat), the products planned by the students of Ochanomizu University Senior High School and produced at our own factory in Ghana are now on sale at the Shibuya Miyashita Park store!

Collaboration between Ochanomizu University Senior High School and CLOUDY has been realized. It is realized as one of the "ethical education" of its high school and this "ethical education" has been working on in home economics classes since 2011.
In this collaboration, our representative Yuto Doya gives special seminar to students and also student themselves try to learn product planning.


First of all, students think about product ideas using African fabrics and we produce its sample. 2 representative works selected from 120 will be actually commercialized at CLOUDY's own factory in Ghana and sold to customers.
The 2 representative works are a 2-way pan holder that can also be used as a pot mat, and a convenient drawstring shoulder bag.

The original tags and leaflets are also made by students.
Students do not just make what they want to make, but also they think about how they can contribute to Ghana and how their products would return to local activities by learning background of production in Africa .

This project has created jobs for 45 workers at our factory in Ghana.

While experiencing the processes of planning, production, and sales of apparel brands, students think about society and the future . We hope that this activity will give students a chance to feel ethical life and Africa closer to them and to take some action.


We are waiting for you to come and see our products at CLOUDY Shibuya store.

CLOUDY Shibuya store
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