Long SHARE T-shirts 2700 MEN

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We have something to convey with a T-shirt.
To share important water for future generations. To share environmental problems by reducing garbage. To share learning and smile with this T-shirt.
The first theme of CLOUDY EDUCATION is "water and garbage".
Do you know that it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce one cotton t-shirt?
At CLOUDY, we use as little water as possible and use recycled plastic bottles and clothes to make t-shirts that are made from recycled polyester.
We collect old clothes and chemically recycle some of them to make clothes material again.
This is a dry fabric that reproduces the feel of cotton on the skin using 100% polyester, which has never been achieved by pursuing the texture of cotton.
This fabric, which feels like cotton on the skin when touched, is also excellent in terms of functionality such as quick-drying.
Such thoughts are contained in this ShareT.
A simple t-shirt with a beautiful silhouette that can be worn in one piece, with a sleeved shape and, a balance between the body and length.
The ribbed neckline is slightly thicker so that it can be worn as a single piece of clothing rather than underwear.
The length of the sleeves also been pursued to create a silhouette that can be worn simply as a single piece.
It's important to be able to wear it easily because it's a t-shirt that will be used a lot in everyday life.It's a t-shirt that can play a leading or supporting role in your coordination, and it's a must-have item for your wardrobe.
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