Button-down Shirts WHITE

¥14,300 (Including tax)


Button-down shirt made of eco-friendly material "Anhydrous dyeing".
Bottom buttonhole is colored YELLOW as the CLOUDY color.
*10% of sales will be sent to Africa through NPO Doooooooo and spent on school construction.

〈What is "Anhydrous dyeing"...?〉
Conventional cotton products have its original cotton color, so a large amount of water is used once bleached and dyed.
It causes water pollution which is one of the major environmental problems.
Anhydrous dyeing could improve the situation by redusing the usage of water.
We collect the pieces of used clothes that had been thrown away at the garment factory, sort by colors, convert into cotton, and spin into threads. Since the threads are originally colored, there is no dyeing process and water pollution can be prevented.
It is an eco-friendly material that reduces waste and also does not use much water.
We do not recommend you to use a drying machine nor heavy washing as it may get dameged.
Polyester 56%・Cotton 35%・Rayon 7%・Nylon 2%
Size Body length Hem width Shoulder width Sleeve length
S 72.3cm 57cm 43cm 57cm
M 74.3cm 59cm 45cm 59cm
L 76.3cm 61cm 47cm 61cm
XL 78.3cm 63cm 49cm 63cm
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