Convenience Bag BLUE (M)

¥6,050 (Including tax)


They are always given to us and are disposable as a matter of course. They are necessary and very helpful.
About a year ago, many of you may have felt that way about plastic bags at convenience store.
What if the plastic bag was your special person...?
The messages that you don't want your precious partner to say, and don't want to say to, are expressed as the voice of the plastic bag.
There are six types of message prints. With the cooperation of several designers, we have prepared a variety of designs.
M size can handle a lot of shopping..
The material is 100% "Uniecolo®", a polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. It has excellent water repellency.
The fabric of the inner pocket is the African fabric "Kitenge". When folded and stored, it reveals a vivid African fabric that you can take with you anywhere.
Please find a special partner for yourself or for someone else.
*For every bag purchased, five school lunches will be sent to children in Africa through NPO Dooooooooo.

*The appearance of pattern may be different from the sample product depending on how the cloth is cut. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Body:Polyester 100%
Pocket:Cotton 100%
Body:Width 38cm / Height 63cm / Depth 13.5cm
Pocket:Width 13.5cm / Height 16cm
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