After Mother's DAY

After Mother's DAY

May 14th was Mother's Day. How did you all spend Mother's Day?

It's a very nice day as a day to express your gratitude to those who are indebted to you on a daily basis. If you forgot to say thank you on Mother's Day, it's still valid!
Would you like to take this opportunity to express your gratitude?

CLOUDY's standard product, Alphabag, is the first original product made at CLOUDY's factory in Ghana, and is handmade one by one by mothers in Africa.

Over 600 mothers work at CLOUDY's factory in Ghana.

Always cheerful and energetic mothers put a lot of love into making CLOUDY products every day.

We want to deliver the kindness and love of local working mothers through our products.

And I would like to express my gratitude to them.

We hope that all of you who remembered CLOUDY on Mother's Day, when you suddenly look up at the sky, think of the mothers who work far away.

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