【New release】バスケットバッグ発売4/14 11時〜

[New release] Basket bag on sale 4/14 11:00~

A new item will appear in CLOUDY's standard basket bag.

April 14th (Gold) 11:00~

There are 2 types of the first basket!

(left)  Tube Basket × Fake Leather handle BLACK
¥18,700 (tax included)

(右)Tube Basket × Fake Suede Fringe Handle BLACK
¥19,800 (tax included)

It takes about two weeks to make one hand-woven basket using traditional Ghanaian techniques. A local craftsman makes it one by one heartily.

basketGuinea grass, which is an aquatic plant, is used as a material, so you can prevent the basket bag from losing its shape by spraying it with water and pressing it tightly with your hand. In addition, since it is softer than a general basket bag, it also has durability.

You can use Drawstring Bag Small in combination.
 *Drawstring Bag Small is sold separately.
>>Click here for Drawstring Bags

A charm using eco-leather and African fabric is attached.
This charm expresses the action that you make together. 
*If you purchase one of these,NPO CLOUDYWe can deliver 3 sets of sanitary goods (a set of cloth napkins, soap and pouches) to women in Africa.

In addition, by adopting baskets made in Ghana, it will also help promote the employment of local women.
>>Click here to see NPO CLOUDY's efforts in Ghana.

>>You can see the basket from here.