A condom made in collaboration with Okamoto Co., Ltd. and CLOUDY.

A condom that you want to tell your loved ones.

Something that deepens your love with your important partner.
Something to protect your important partner and yourself.

I want you to always hold your chest up.

In Ghana, 75,000 teenage abortions are performed annually.
NPO CLOUDY has provided sex education to more than 3,500 people about sexual intercourse, contraception, menstruation, etc., in order to promote understanding of sexuality such as prevention of unexpected pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
Okamoto Co., Ltd.This collaboration has started with the support of NPO CLOUDY activities. (Click here for collaboration details▶︎

A portion of the sales of this condom will be used to support sex education andcloth napkin projectPlease donate as support activity expenses. (Click here for details of the cloth napkin project▶︎

For this collaboration, we adopted “Lots of Love to You” as the package, which was drawn by a textile designer in Ghana with the theme of love.
It expresses overflowing “Love” for important people.

A condom in a textile package that makes you feel happy just by looking at it with lots of kisses as a gift for your loved ones and yourself. 

This condom will be returned as an action to the distant African land.

¥550 (tax included)

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