Introducing the CLOUDY ONE-PIECE COLLECTION, which is recommended for the party season and when you want to dress up a little.
2022AW lineup printed with CLOUDY original textiles by local designers in Ghana.


■One-piece with Textile Pattern
¥20,900 (tax included)

A dress featuring textiles. By adding a cut-back at the hem and a V-neck at the neck, it has become a rough and stylish piece. Of course, you can wear it alone, but you can also enjoy various expressions according to the season, such as layering a knit or vest, or wearing a turtleneck inside.
The drapey fabric does not pick up the lines of the body and creates a beautiful silhouette.

One-piece with Textile Pattern BEIGE
Model is 162cm tall and wears size S

One-piece with Textile Pattern NAVY
Model is 175cm tall and wears size M.

The drawcord at the neck can be tied with a ribbon or left hanging. You can enjoy two expressions.

The cuffs are made of rubber, making it easy to roll up your arms. In addition, it has a nice feature such as pockets on both sides. The hem sways every time you walk, making the textile look richer.


Left Textile Theme: Pollens Dream

Designer: Philip
In Ghana, flower pollen is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and success. This design depicts beautiful flowers and their brightly colored pollen. This design incorporates our dreams of “growth,” “success,” and “prosperity.”

Right Textile theme: RISE N' SHINE
Designer: Philip
The shape of the cylinder and the light rays emitted from it represent many suns rising into the sky. This design means that you don't just sit still, you stand up and achieve your goals.


■Plain One-Piece Dress
¥19,800 (tax included)
A versatile dress that can be worn as a dress or as a cover.
The waist part is a belt type that can be adjusted, so it is a design that will enhance your style.
The overall pattern type with the same shape and textiles scattered over the entire surface and the plain base fabric with textile accents give a very different appearance. The design changes the expression depending on how you wear it, so you can enjoy it according to the scene.

Plain One-Piece Dress with a Little Pattern WHITE
Model is 162cm tall and wears size S

Plain One-Piece Dress with a Little Pattern BLACK
Model is 175cm tall and wears size M.

One-Piece Dress with Full Pattern NAVY
Model is 162cm tall and wears a size S.

Front opening type with stand collar. Even if it is closed, it can be used as a dress by unbuttoning the buttons, or it can be used as a haori like a cardigan by removing the buttons.

I garnished a collar and a placket part with textile.
The cuffs can be folded back with buttons.
There are also pockets on both sides, which is convenient for storing small items.

Squeeze the waist part into a ribbon.
The hem on both sides is curved to create an elegant footwork.


Left Textile theme: I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE

Designer: DANIEL
New shoots and leaves coming out of the branches are symbols of health. It contains the message of revising appropriate habits to maintain physical, emotional and psychological health.
Medium textile theme: freestyle
Just as fanning a fan creates a refreshing breeze on a hot day, fanning the fan means blowing away bad things.
Also, you can't use a fan in front of a superior, so closing the fan means that you are showing respect to the other person.

Right Textile theme: RISE N' SHINE
Designer: DANKYI

The pattern has an interesting contrast between smooth-edged semicircles and pointed triangles, creating dynamism and new energy. How do you feel about this pattern? It may also indicate the way life should be, such as times when things go smoothly and times when there are many obstacles to progress, times when the economy is good and times when the economy is bad.




* 10% of the sales of this item will beNPO CLOUDY Through this, the funds will be returned to the construction costs of a park where children and families can create memories in Ghana, Africa.