【Recommend】Printed Helmet Bag

【Recommend】Printed Helmet Bag

A series of helmet bags printed with CLOUDY's original textiles.
Boldly printed CLOUDY original textile on recycled polyester material.

Helmet bags are items that were originally created around the 1960s to carry US military helmets and oxygen masks. A helmet bag with a strong military taste was interpreted through the filter of CLOUDY, aiming for a genderless and easy-to-use design.


■Printed Helmet Bag (Small)
¥12,100 (tax included)Comes with a shoulder strap, so you can use it in 2 ways.

Model height 162cm


■Printed Helmet Bag (Large)
¥24,200 (tax included)

The feature of L size is its capacity. It fits a lot, so it is recommended not only for everyday use, but also for short trips of about one night.

Comes with a shoulder strap, so you can use it in 2 ways.

Model height: 182cm


[CLOUDY original textile]
Each of CLOUDY's original textiles has a meaning.

Upper left: Textile theme: RISE N’ SHIN
Designer: Philip
The shape of the cylinder and the light rays emitted from it represent many suns rising into the sky. This design means that you don't just sit still, you stand up and achieve your goals.

Upper right: Textile Theme: ELECTRICA
Designer: CHARLES
A textile that looks like a light bulb to a flower. The light bulb is a symbol of power, innovation and intelligence. The line of the light bulb represents the flow of energy and expresses the state of being energetic and full of power.

Bottom left: Textile theme: Pollens Dream
Designer: Philip
In Ghana, flower pollen is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and success. This design depicts beautiful flowers and their brightly colored pollen. This design incorporates our dreams of “growth,” “success,” and “prosperity.”

Lower center: Textile Theme: Nature
Designer: CHARLES
Akoko Mesa is a popular herb in Ghana, said to be good for health. It is so important to the Ghanaian people that it is often used as a cultural symbol.

Bottom right: Textile Theme: Flora
This pattern symbolizes the beauty and glory of flowers and leaves, representing love, hope, healing, loss and good luck. This pattern is said to give admiration to the wearer.

* 10% of the sales of this item will beNPO CLOUDY Through this, the funds will be returned to the construction costs of a park where children and families can create memories in Ghana, Africa.