[Renewal] Shibuya store limited sticker

Shibuya store limited sticker has been renewed! !
Original textiles made by a designer in Ghana are also scattered in the renewed design,AYAKA FUKANO ( @ayahundred) drew an illustration that will bring you energy.

There is no value in a world where people are discriminated against or judged by color. Because all colors are incomparably beautiful.
Look for your favorite designs and textiles like you're on a treasure hunt.
This sticker uses forest certified paper.

Special thanks
AYAKA FUKANO @ayahundred
Yamazakura Co., Ltd.

CLOUDY Shibuya
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TEL : 0364505110

We will continue to take all possible measures to prevent infection so that you can continue to enjoy shopping safely.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our store.