Long Pocket T-Shirts 343

Long Pocket T-Shirts 343

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"Consider product planning according to the abilities of local workers in Ghana"

This is one of the things CLOUDY values.

There are many workers in Ghana's factories who have never studied at school, and some workers are new to education, let alone centimeters and addition. Isn't there a way to somehow pay wages to everyone even at the training stage?

From such an idea, Pocket T-Shirts, which is a symbol of CLOUDY, was born.

The colorful prints on the chest pocket are made from the traditional Ghanaian fabric "kitenge" in Africa. Sewing pockets in Africa and providing local employment. We strive for quality and comfort.

《What is Kitenge? 》
Ghanaian traditional African fabric. This fabric, which is loved by the people, is widely used in ceremonies as folk costumes, and their claims and expressions are condensed into the design.
《About the appearance of the pocket pattern》
Each product is handcrafted by mothers in Africa. Therefore, the pattern may differ from the sample product depending on how the cloth is cut. We ask for your understanding in advance.
The material is organic cotton with less environmental damage and load.
サイズ 身丈 裾巾 肩巾 袖丈
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M 70cm 56cm 47cm 58cm
XL 76cm 62cm 51cm 62cm