Kitenge Slippers 216 Large
Kitenge Slippers 216 Large
Kitenge Slippers 216 Large
Kitenge Slippers 216 Large
Kitenge Slippers 216 Large
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Kitenge Slippers 216 Large

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We received a lot of requests for resale of the slippers using the African fabric "Kitenge", so we have made additional production. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Urethane is used as much as possible for the instep, which is soft even when the toe touches, and the heel is thick so that you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.
Items that pursue a relaxing comfort are carefully produced one by one at a domestic factory. In addition, the bottom material is made of non-slip black material, so you can rest assured that dirt will not stand out. Available in two sizes, M and L, which can be used by both men and women.
Spend time in a bright and comfortable room from your bright feet.

《Regarding the appearance of the pattern》Depending on how the cloth is cut, the pattern may differ from the sample product. We ask for your understanding in advance.
《What is Kitenge? 》Ghana's traditional African fabric. This fabric, which is loved by the people, is widely used in ceremonies as folk costumes, and their claims and expressions are condensed into the design.

*Detailed photos from the 3rd sheet onwards: This is a detailed image photo. The product will be the pattern in the first photo.
*If you purchase one of these products, 10% of the sales will be returned to employment support activities mainly for women and people with disabilities in Africa through NPO CLOUDY.
表地 :綿100%、甲裏 :ポリエステル100%、足底 :PVC100%
サイズ 全長 内寸
L 30cm 29cm 10cm