CLOUDY GIFT COLLECTION:ガーナより、心をこめて作られたギフト好適品のご紹介

CLOUDY GIFT COLLECTION: Introduction of suitable gifts made with care from Ghana

Would you like to send a gift to your loved ones with CLOUDY?
We introduce products that are especially recommended for Christmas and year-end and New Year season gifts.

Both products use the traditional African fabric "Kitenge".
《What is Kitenge? 》
Ghanaian traditional African fabric. This fabric, which is loved by the people, is widely used in ceremonies as folk costumes, and their claims and expressions are condensed into the design. The fabric loved by the people is a traditional fabric that is widely used locally, from everyday wear to baby straps and ceremonial ceremonies.

 ¥4,950 (tax included)

This is the first original bag made in our own factory in Ghana.
Since it is the very first work, I got the first "Alpha" of "Alphabet", and it became the name "Alpha bag".

In addition, one of the words that CLOUDY cherishes, "ALL COLORS ARE BEAUTIFUL", "Color doesn't matter, color has no level, all colors are beautiful" is placed on the front.

It is a 2-way specification that can be used as a tote bag or as a drawstring bag by tying a string. It is easy to use because it can fit A4 size, and it is a convenient bag that can be used not only as a main bag but also as a sub bag.

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▶︎Click here for Alpha Bag

■Kitenge Slippers
 ¥5,280 (tax included)

Using the traditional African textile "kitenge" on the entire surface, I made slippers made in Japan.
During the year-end and New Year holidays when we spend more time at home, we made it with the idea of ​​incorporating colorful African fabrics into the room so that you can spend a sunny and comfortable time from your feet.

There are two sizes, M and L.
In order to match the living environment in Japan, the urethane that is soft even when the toe touches is used as much as possible on the instep, and the heel is made thick so that you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.
In addition, the bottom material is made of a non-slip material, and the back side is finished in black so that dirt does not stand out.

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 S: ¥2,750 (tax included), L: ¥3,300 (tax included)

CLOUDY's POUCH is a product that has been decorating stores since its inception.
Among the products made in the factory in Ghana, the difficulty level is high, so only highly skilled workers can make it. It seems that if you can make POUCH, you will be able to be respected. All the new workers are working hard every day to improve their skills and do their best until they can make POUCH.

The beads attached to the zipper pull are made from recycled glass bottles collected in Ghana. Each pattern is different and no two are the same.

The brightly colored pouches are a convenient size to carry around. Two types of S size and L size.
It has an inner pocket, so you can use it functionally.

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*If you purchase one of these products, 10% of the sales will beNPO CLOUDY Through these activities, the funds will be returned to the costs of employment support activities, mainly for African women and people with disabilities.

Christmas from CLOUDY

A limited number of ornaments will be given to those who purchase a gift.


From left to right: star, tree, heart, purse, walking stick. It is about 10 to 15 cm in total length.

I made an ornament with a Christmas motif from leftover cloth from a factory in Ghana.

There are 5 types. In addition to stars, walking sticks, hearts, and trees, there is also something in the shape of CLOUDY's representative item, the "purse".
Each motif was thought up by a member of Ghana.

Reusing the leftover fabric from the factory in Ghana and making each one by hand with all my heart, no two are the same. I can't wait to see which one will arrive.

It feels soft and fluffy when you pick it up. It is an ornament that can be used as an ornament on the tree, used as a key holder, or enjoyed even after gift wrapping.


Upcycled cotton bags used to sell flour in Ghana are combined with leftover cloth to create gift bags.
By carefully washing these bags of flour, which end up being a large amount of garbage, we took action to create local employment in Ghana while considering disposal and environmental issues.


*Gift wrapping is a service for those who purchase at the online store. Please note that it is not possible to purchase only wrapping materials.

*Please order the number of wrappings you need. (If you want to divide the wrapping into two, please purchase two.)

* Please let us know in the comment section when ordering which products you would like gift wrapped.
We will wrap it according to your preferred method. If you have a combination package, please fill in that as well.

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